Nandhakumar's Display Picture


Nandhakumar's Display Picture

Hi there!

I‘m Nandhakumar 👋

UI UX Designer | Full Stack Engineer | Freelancer

I never thought I would become a developer, I don’t even know what I am going to become, or where I am going to work. Nothing.

Fortunately, My mom was a developer. She inspired me to get into coding and app development. Also, I got some good mentors, who directed me on a path to where I am now.

I started my career as a Full Stack Developer, specializing in javascript-based frameworks like React, Angular, Vue, etc… I am helping many agencies and small & large-scale business owners to build high-quality applications to solve their problems by providing solutions as best as I could.

In addition, I am also interested in UI/UX design. So whenever I get some time, practice UI/UX. I have helped a couple of clients in UI/UX design as well.

I usually spend more time leveling up my skills, so that I can build more performant apps in less time.

Apart from work, I read books to improve myself and understand different perspectives of people. Love to take part in some sports activities as well like badminton, running, and strength training.

If you want to get in touch, you can reach me over Email and I am more active on Twitter and Instagram.